As “Education” provides
the sustainable happiness for the society,

We are striving to make education accessible to all groups of people together with lifelong learning cultivation.

Through “Technology”

that were developed to meet the needs of each age group, helping improve accessibility equality and develop the potential of each person with full efficiency.

With quality “Personnel”

of several expertises with the same goal of creating sustainable results from education for the sake of the society. .
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“I believe that Thai people and the country have potential, so we have set about the educational business, which would truly give back to society in order to benefit people as much as possible.”

Sathorn Upanwan

Chief Executive Officer of Learn Corporation

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“We don’t want to be listeners or critics, but we want to be one of those who take action. We have applied technology to enhance the system in order to improve the quaility of educational equity.”

Tanin Timtong Chief Social Benefit and Value Officer of Learn Corporation