Youth Development

2020 National Children’s Day activity,
at Ministry of Education

Since we prioritize on improving learning skills, in addition to life skills or soft skills, which are necessary for the 21st century and require practical experience, Learn O Life decided to collaborate with Relationflip and Foundation of Thai Suprateacher in order to organize an activity for children and parents, in 2020 National Children’s Day, at Ministry of Education, on the concept of “Wonderful Kids – Marvelous Thai Children”.
The activity focused on developing various soft skills such as communication through Guess My Emotion game, or developing teamwork and self-management skills. In addition, we had a psychologist to give parents guidance and Q&A about communication within a family, fostering children’s development and utilizing family psychology. These activities, free of charge, helped children and parents practice building soft skills, which would help them understand and realize the importance of developing soft skills in various ways. Moreover; parents received helpful psychologist’s advice about communication within a family, or new ideas that they can use for their family in the future.